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$ 600 K
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distributed in 2021
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Community Grant Requests

Weld Legacy Foundation will consider requests from community organizations for projects and programs that strive to improve and enhance education and healthcare in Weld County. Organizations must be participants of Weld Legacy Foundation’s partner program. Learn more about our nonprofit services and our partner program.

NCMC Grants Provided by Weld Legacy Foundation

Weld Legacy Foundation will consider grant requests from NCMC departments to fund equipment purchases, continuing education, or projects at North Colorado Medical Center.

NCMC Continuing Education Grants

Prior to submission to the Foundation for final approval, ALL Continuing Education Grant requests must be approved by the department manager or director.

NCMC Restricted Fund Grants

Generally, Weld Legacy Foundation does not assist with the following expenses:

In addition:

When a grant request is approved, the NCMC department’s cost center will be reimbursed. Weld Legacy Foundation grants do not pay for purchases directly. Purchases must first be made through NCMC Accounting using department funds. Receipts, purchase orders, and any other pertinent backup are required for reimbursement.

For more information regarding Weld Legacy Foundation grants, please contact Diana Wood, Development Program Director at 970-673-1154 or e-mail Diana.Wood@weldlegacy.org.