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Nonprofit Services: Weld Legacy Foundation Partner Program

Weld Legacy Foundation is working on the development and implementation of a long-term strategy to grow the capacities of our individual nonprofit partners. This strategy will also include working with them to develop a strong culture of team-oriented collective impact in the areas of health and education in partnership with The Weld Trust and our organization.

Part of the strategy development involves ascertaining the need for tools and resources by our partners. We are currently working with a consultant to help us understand what resources they need to build the capacity of their organizations. These resources and services may include assistance with:

Strategic planning

Developing short and long-term goals to ensure success and sustainability

Board and leadership development

Equipping your team to effectively guide your organization

Program design and development

Helping bring your ideas to fruition to serve your beneficiaries

Marketing and communication

Assisting with marketing strategies


Helping guide your organization needs to meet your goals

Business planning

Helping your nonprofit to function as a sustainable business

Volunteer recruitment

Getting the people you need to fill available roles for day-to-day and special event success

Financial management

Understanding essential record keeping, investment, payroll, and other functions

Once all components of our partner program are in place, we will provide details on the services available and an application for nonprofit organizations to use to become a partner.

How to Partner with Weld Legacy Foundation

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