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About Weld Legacy Foundation

Mission Statement: To promote excellence in health and education in Weld County.

Weld Legacy Foundation provides health and education-focused nonprofit organizations in Weld County with the tools and resources they need to increase their capacity. The Foundation brings together organizations to help them collaborate by supporting and empowering them to multiply their impact and expand their outcomes. Read on to learn more about us.

In 1975, a group in Greeley got together to find a way to give Weld County residents the opportunity to support programs and departmental needs at the county-run, tax-funded local hospital. From that effort, the nonprofit Weld County General Hospital Foundation was born. The new Foundation Board leapt into action and within just a few years, the Foundation raised $2 million for healthcare services at Weld County General.

Eight years later, the ownership of the hospital transferred from Weld County to a newly formed nonprofit corporation, NCMC, Inc. The name of the hospital became North Colorado Medical Center to reflect its separation from the county, and, to avoid confusion, the Foundation changed its name as well. Although the names were similar, North Colorado Medical Center Foundation remained a standalone organization. It supported the hospital, but it was a separate entity.

Fast forward to 2019. NCMC, Inc. sold the medical buildings and associated assets to Banner Health, the private company that had been providing clinical services in the hospital for several years. After the sale, donor-established programs at the hospital remain in place and are supported through the NCMC Foundation. The change in hospital ownership opened the door for the Foundation to explore new ways to support health and wellness in Weld County.

ln order to better describe the services we provide, it was time to change the name and expand the mission. In October 2022, the NCMC Foundation was renamed Weld Legacy Foundation.

Weld Legacy Foundation has increased its service offerings to help multiply the impact of other nonprofit organizations with a mission focus on healthcare and education initiatives that serve Weld County residents. We have learned much in our nearly 50 years and have successfully raised more than $50 million for the community. Through partnerships, we want to share the wisdom we have gained with other nonprofits to empower them to be successful as well. Weld Legacy Foundation also houses the Bright Futures program and supports the Heart Safe City initiative.

Weld Legacy Foundation continues to award grants from donations received to support hospital programs, departments, and patients.  Donations to the Foundation for a specific purpose, such as a program or scholarship, will continue to be used for that purpose. Any new donations made to Weld Legacy Foundation will stay in the community and be used as designated. We want to honor the intent of our past, current, and future donors and be good stewards of their wishes.

Our Work with The Weld Trust

Weld Legacy Foundation has joined our supporting organization The Weld Trust, which was created by the board of NCMC, Inc. following the sale of North Colorado Medical Center, in fulfilling the mission to promote excellence in health and education in Weld County. Through qualifying grants from The Weld Trust and tools and resources for improving operational capacities from Weld Legacy Foundation, nonprofit organizations in Weld County will be able to multiply their impact for the citizens they serve.