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Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) establishes directives and guidance regarding information privacy.


To ensure that Weld Legacy Foundation (WLF) protects the privacy of personal or confidential information belonging to WLF and others.

Responsibilities and Authorities

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be responsible for the implementation of this Policy. Accordingly, the CEO will develop and implement necessary operating procedures in connection with any policy matter. Operating procedures and any revisions will be reviewed by the Leadership team with final approval by the CEO.

This Policy will be reviewed and evaluated for compliance annually or at any time if requested by the Board. Such reviews may be performed by Leadership or independent third parties having appropriate qualifications and expertise. The findings of any evaluation will be reported to the Board.

Commitment to Privacy

WLF will be sensitive to the privacy or confidentiality of certain information in the WLF’s possession or under its control. WLF acknowledges that information in its possession may belong or relate to individuals or entities separate and distinct from WLF. The CEO will have authority to identify information which will be considered private or confidential.

Information Collected

WLF will collect the least amount of private or confidential information necessary to carry out the business activities of WLF or as required by law.

Information Protection

WLF will restrict or limit the ability to access, use or transfer information that it considers private or confidential. WLF will provide access to private or confidential information to authorized individuals who have a legitimate business need for such access in order to perform or conduct business activities of WLF.

WLF will take reasonable measures to protect private or confidential information utilizing physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards.

Authorizations to Release Information

WLF may share private or confidential information with third parties who use the information in performing certain business activities requested by WLF. When that is the case, a clause will be included in WLF’s contract with the third party which requires them to implement appropriate measures to safeguard the information and to refrain from sharing any information with any other party without WLF’s permission. In addition, WLF will share private or confidential information with third parties if required by law or regulation.

WLF will identify those circumstances which require the use or disclosure of private or confidential information. In these cases, WLF will take reasonable and necessary actions to obtain the permission of the individual or organization. WLF will use its best efforts to obtain written authorizations or consents to use or disclose the identified information.

Sale/Distribution of Information

WLF will not sell or otherwise provide any private or confidential information in its possession to any third party for purposes which are not related to WLF’s business activities.

Website/Social Networking Sites

Use of WLF’s website or other internet-based social networking sites will be permitted with the approval of the CEO.

The CEO will develop and incorporate appropriate disclosures which include privacy expectations and use statements pertaining to any information WLF receives online. These disclosures will be reviewed annually by CEO for any necessary modifications.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

WLF will stay informed and knowledgeable about any federal or state privacy laws or regulations applicable to WLF and will take requisite actions to comply with such laws or regulations.