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Mission Statement: To promote excellence in health and education in Weld County.

Partnering with Weld Legacy Foundation provides health and education-focused nonprofit organizations in Weld County with the tools and resources they need to increase their capacity. The Foundation works with organizations to help them collaborate, supporting and empowering them to multiply their impact and expand their outcomes. Learn more about becoming a partner.

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Weld Legacy Foundation

Weld Legacy Foundation has been supporting the health-related needs of the Weld County community since 1975. First as Weld County General Hospital Foundation and then as North Colorado Medical Center Foundation, with community support our organization has grown and evolved to meet the needs of Weld County residents.

Today, our Foundation aims to share the wisdom we have gained from nearly 50 years of fundraising, fund management, and grantmaking. We support health and education-focused nonprofits as well as established endowments and restricted funds with years of history that benefit programs, departments, and patients of North Colorado Medical Center.

See how we’re planning for the future in Weld County while honoring the past.

Why Partner with Weld Legacy Foundation?

Nonprofits with health and education-related initiatives can multiply the impact on their beneficiaries and the community through a partnership with Weld Legacy Foundation.

Through nearly 50 years of successful nonprofit management, we’ve gained experience and wisdom in operations and finances. This experience has given us tools and resources we want to share that will help you better serve your beneficiaries. Plus, we bring together organizations with similar goals to help them collaborate and expand their outcomes.

In order to best serve them, we are currently working with nonprofit organizations to ascertain what they need to build their capacity. This will enable us to offer the tools and resources that will be the most beneficial, such as:

Strategic planning

Board & leadership development

Program design & development

Marketing & Communication


Business Planning

Volunteer Recruitment

Financial Management

If resources like these would help to expand your organization’s capacity to serve, contact us to learn more about a partnership with Weld Legacy Foundation and get started.

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Support programs, departments, and patients of North Colorado Medical Center through your choice of more than 40 funds managed by Weld Legacy Foundation. Choose to support one of our established funds or talk to us about creating a new fund or endowment. Donate today!