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Capacity Building Services

The Weld Trust and Weld Legacy Foundation have a shared mission, “To promote excellence in health and education in Weld County”. The Weld Trust is a health conversion foundation that awards grants to nonprofits, schools and government entities located in Weld County or exclusively serve Weld County residents.

Organizations that receive a strategic grant from The Weld Trust are eligible for capacity building services with Weld Legacy Foundation.  Through these partnerships, we strive to help them collaborate, expand their outcomes, and ultimately multiply their impact.

Organizational and Skills Development

Grow Your Capacity at Aims Community College

Aims Community College Nonprofit Leadership Academy supports the nonprofit sector with applied professional development leadership courses that can lead to a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  Weld Legacy Foundation will provide stipends for our partners to attend these courses.

Fundraising/Grant Writing Assistance

Weld Legacy Foundation will work with our partners to assist in raising funds that help advance the The Weld Trust Key Funding Initiatives

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact us and let’s get started growing your capacity.

Other Specialized Training or Organizational Development Needs

We know that there are many other training or organizational development opportunities beyond Aims Community College Nonprofit Leadership Academy and Fundraising/Grant Writing Assistance.  Do you have a specific need that we could help meet?  Let us know

How to Partner with Weld Legacy Foundation

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