Working Together to Build a Stronger Community

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A Woman’s Place is the only shelter for victims of domestic violence in all of Weld County. They opened their current safe house in 1981 to provide emergency shelter beds for survivors and their children.

Since the safehouse was first opened almost 45 years ago, the population of Weld County has nearly tripled; however, the same number of emergency shelter beds for individuals escaping domestic violence has remained the same. During the past four years, 1,172 individuals have been turned away due to the shelter being at full capacity.

In response to the staggering demand for emergency housing, A Woman’s Place has undertaken a capital campaign to build a new facility at a cost of $5 million which will double the number of shelter bedrooms, all of which will be ADA accessible.

Earlier this year, The Weld Trust awarded a $1.25 million grant, known as their Flagship grant, to A Woman’s Place to support the construction of their new shelter. In turn, Weld Legacy Foundation is assisting A Woman’s Place with further fundraising needs by researching grants for which the organization is eligible. Additionally, the beneficiary of the 35th Annual Weld Legacy Foundation Gala will be A Woman’s Place Capital Campaign.

The Weld Trust and Weld Legacy Foundation have identical missions to promote excellence in health and education in Weld County. As part of their vision to help make Weld County the healthiest and most educated county in the state, the two organizations are striving to work collaboratively to support nonprofits such as A Woman’s Place to help them deepen their impact.

“Working together, we are stronger,” states Chief Executive Officer of both The Weld Trust and Weld Legacy Foundation, Jeff Carlson. “It never ceases to impress me how this community comes together to take care of its residents. It’s exciting to be a part of two organizations who are exhibiting this same model of working together to help A Woman’s Place fill such a crucial gap in services,” Carlson shared. “With grant funding from The Weld Trust and capacity building from Weld Legacy Foundation, we hope to continue supporting other nonprofits to multiply their impact across our community.”

As the only domestic violence emergency shelter in Weld County, A Woman’s Place served 315 victims in 2023. Ninety-four percent of the clients served last year were at or below the federal poverty line, 88% were female, 32% have a disability, and 100% are escaping domestic violence.

The new safehouse will be approximately 12,000 square feet with 16 client bedrooms, a communal dining and kitchen area, laundry facilities, a community living room, two children’s playrooms and a secured outdoor play area. There will also be a meeting space plus an intake room.

“Increasing the number of emergency beds for survivors of domestic violence is providing a critical lifeline for this community. It is unfortunate that the demand is so great, but we are very thankful that A Woman’s Place is responding to the need,” declared Carlson.

“A Woman’s Place is so grateful for the continued support from The Weld Trust and Weld Legacy Foundation,” stated Executive Director of A Woman’s Place, Diane Heldt. “Through support from our community, A Woman’s Place is able to help survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives.”